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Nse was born in Nigeria during the time that BeatleMania started and Martin Luther King delivered his "I have a dream" speech.

She moved to the United States as a young graduate of the University of Benin to teach French to elementary students in Charlotte, North Carolina.

As Charlotte began to grow, so did the city's taste for authentic cuisine. Nse's quality home-style Nigerian cooking was met with open arms and led her to start her catering business.

"Nse's Homestyle Catering" took off from there, yet she could never quite keep up with the repeat demand for her most popular snack, chin-chin. 

Her dream of bringing an authentic food experience from West Africa to all of the US was realized when she could finally invest in the capital equipment to start producing & delivering her "locally world-famous" Nse's Chin-Chin™ to a larger market.

Still made in Nse's Kitchen by Mme.("Madame") Nse and her staff in Charlotte, NC, she now delivers her authentic Nigerian treats to New York and Houston and everywhere in-between.

To order your own Chin-Chin and experience a true taste of this West African delight, click here.

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